The Travelers

Family Units

Starting with a core group of survivor types, the settlement of New Sturbridge Village grew gradually as the competent homesteaders allowed passing refugees to settle with them and the group grew into a stable community capable of storing enough food to last the winters and strong enough to protect it from any hungry raiders.

The group is organized as a sort of social democracy with old American freemarket influences. The demands of small-group survival may have dominated, but touches of the old culture survive. What follows is the default setup of the town. If players would like to make small cultural adjustments before the game starts, that’s fine.

There were two basic divisions of labor: agriculture and industry. The term ‘agriculture’ is a bit highfalutin for catching fish, hunting turkeys, and growing pumpkins. Similarly, ‘industry’ is a lofty word for tanning hides, making felt/flaxen cloth, pottery, stone knapping and similar crafts. There are also specialists in medicine, recovered/relearning tech, defense, and diplomacy.

The town council governs the community, with staggered bi-annual elections and a rotating mayorship for breaking ties and ceremonial functions. There are six positions, the Sheriff, the Reaper, the Engineer, the Doctor, the Count, and the Teacher. The Sheriff is in charge of training the warriors, ensuring the town is safe from raiders and lawbreakers. The Reaper is is charge of organizing the acquisition of food, water, and other essentials as voted by the council. The Engineer is in charge of maintaining/repairing Old World tech as well as being a voice for crafters. The Count handles the town’s ‘bank’ such as it is, as discussed later. The Doctor is in charge of health/safety. The teacher is responsible for child care, safety, and ensuring children are prepared to take up adult responsibilities.

The town economy ran on pressed pennies. Someone recovered a penny press machine from a local attraction, and while pennies themselves are easily scavenged, pennies with that particular imprint are rare. The town buys from or hires a group of people to provide food/shelter/medicine/necessities. Crafters sell less essential goods to those people. Everyone buys the essential goods from the town. And so the economy flows. It’s the Count’s job to keep it flowing.

The communities consists mostly of extended families which is where a lot of relevant NPCs will be drawn from. Players will be invited to ‘adopt’ a family and develop it’s members should they wish. More details regarding the denizens of the community will be forthcoming shortly.

The community is atypically broad minded and tolerant for the era, although they share the general fear and suspicion of anything magic related.

The Travelers

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