Invasion of the Mind Stealing Horror from an Outer Space PLUS Interrogation with a Vampire


The thing that used to be Cobb Jackson staggered toward the outskirts of the United Cities. It grumbled as it swung the bloody left leg forward. The portal spell that brought it here had barely worked. The mage’s connection to the supernal Pandemonium had weakened and turned in on itself. This mind was unlikely to be of much further use.

Cobb’s body hauled itself toward the gate in the chain link perimeter until a spotlight mounted on a building nearby turned on it. Guards shouted to freeze. Cobb’s body did them one better, collapsing on the ground moaning for help.

A pair of soldiers grabbed him, firmly but carefully, and brought him inside one of the small guard stations on the outside of the gate. They searched him for weapons and unusual items, taking the ornate compass Cobb used as a magical tool.

“He looks worked over pretty bad,” one of them said. “Keep an eye on him. We already called in the pickup, but I’m going to go get a medic.”

Cobb’s mouth grinned. Waiting until the other guard was a little distance away, Cobb’s body lunged at the remaining guard, grasping and clawing for his gun. Cobb’s body was thrown against the ground, and Cobb opened his eyes for the first time in hours, only to see a terribly familiar sight in the eyes of the guard. The thing that used to be Private Andrew Massey fired three shots into Cobb’s head.

Later that night, the thing was frustrated. It had pieced together that Leon Strauss never came to the city. He and a large number of humans had gone West into the forest and no one knew, or apparently cared, where. The pursuit party was a punishment detail more than a serious attempt to find them.

It had come too close this time to be banished again. Too many wheels were turning, too many pieces were in motion. It didn’t think the fleeing mage knew his entire name, but it wasn’t sure. So everything else needed to be put on hold until that was dealt with. More importantly, it had to take a risk.

It made it’s way across the Memorial Bridge to the heavily guarded power complex the Fangs were headquartered in. Over the years, it had avoided direct confrontations with the vampires. They were an unknown to it. The last time it had walked the Earth, there were no such things. They were feared even by mages and it understood they ranged from barely stronger than humans to nigh-unstoppable. So it had worked in areas with few vampires, building its own plots and schemes, and only engaging with them by proxy. This would be the first direct confrontation.

With the unfortunate Private Massey stored safely in a dumpster, the thing that used to be General Aaron Arsenault strode confidently past the sign that read “West Springfield Generating Station | EP Energy Massachusetts, LLC.” The guards at the door saluted, and the man at the desk inside stood up and saluted as well.

“The council has finished meeting?” it asked.

“Yes sir, they’re just leaving the main conference room,” the guard answered.

General Arsenault had known where the Head Counselmember’s office was, and so Arsenault’s body moved with purpose in that direction, passing several people it knew must be vampires yet who felt oddly familiar

The Head Counselmember Robert Sahu was having a private meeting with the ambassador from Indianapolis, Sarah Sullivan. From outside the office it couldn’t hear what they were discussion, but based on Arsenault’s recollection, it was probably the ambassador trying to get her hooks far enough into the United Cities council to swing the grand alliance the religious vampires had been trying to push.

The guard at the door stood aside as it stepped inside and shut the door behind it.

“General Arsenault, we are in a private meeting!” snapped the Head Counselmember.

“I’m afraid I have an emergency to report,” said General Arsenault’s voice.

General Arsenault’s body moved to the desk where the two vampires were meeting. Sahu saw the grab coming and was almost fast enough to avoid it, but Arsenault’s hand caught his arm.

“One of your generals has been compromised,” it grinned with Arsenault’s mouth. And then it failed.

Sahu threw it across the room and called for the guard. As General Arsenault’s body hit the floor, it felt Ambassaor Sullivan’s attempt at mental control. And it shook Arsenault’s body with laughter.

“Oh this is too good! No wonder I didn’t recognize you,” it said as the guards burst into the room. It cocked a finger towards the two vampires. “Just a misunderstanding, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. Of course,” said the Councilmember. “Leave us.”

The guards looked uncertain, but they weren’t going to disobey a joint order by the Head Councilmember and a high ranking General.

“Now children,” It said, getting Arsenault’s body upright, “How about a little respect.”

There was only the briefest of pauses before the Councilmember dropped to his knees. The ambassador visibly struggled, clutching at a cross around her neck. A flare of light from the cross struck into Arsenault’s chest, and the pressure on the vampires lifted for only a moment before an opposing shadow forced the light back into the cross and crumbled it to dust.

The ambassador fell to her knees.

“Better. Now that we have that settled, the first order of business is going to be tracking down the mage that led the assault on your town to the North. The second order of business,” it said, turning to Ambassador, “will be you explaining to me how you did that.”

Invasion of the Mind Stealing Horror from an Outer Space PLUS Interrogation with a Vampire

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