Field Guide to NPCs



Carol Horst: Count (quartermaster). Scared of Elijah but willing to work with anyone who has the good fo the community at heart.

Kelly Horst: Teacher. An insightful council member. Currently trying to figure out what to do with Wesley.

Muriel Lightfoot: Sheriff. Was Leon’s second in command. Still used to taking orders.

Alexander Watt: Doctor. Feels like he’s warming Eli’s seat. Severe lack of self-confidence.

Phillip Solomon: Engineer. Does the best he can. Knows he’s not the whiz the last engineer was.

Myrtle Horst: Reaper. Crack shot, disciplined and practical.

Interaction-Prone townsfolk

Father Contreras: Main priest. Social glue.

Heather and Daniel McDaniel: <10 year olds fascinated by Elijah’s healing and animal talking. Tried to feed critters for him.

David Kiefer, Benjamin Kiefer, George Horst, and Lincoln Watt: 10-13 year olds fascinated by Elijah’s power and attitude. Tried to shank a guy for him.

Other Townsfolk

Mark & Holly Long: The pair from the sick poultry plot.

Ivette Long: The 13 year old daughter of Mark & Holly Long

Brian Long: The 8 year old son of Mark & Holly

Gerald Strauss: Leon’s nephew. Stayed with extended family because of love interest Joyce Long.

Bruce Horst: Gerald’s love rival.

Raymond Barber and Sarah Graham: Villagers of boundless pragmatism.

Ernie Duvier: Adopted from Amherst after being rescued. Had a very confusing introduction.

Henry Watt: Town Crier.

Major Appearance NPCs:

Talutah and Friends: A Uglan Promethan whose history interlinked with Elijah’s, and her spirit companions. Last seen headed north on the Hudson.

Cosmo: A changing breed who stays in cat form nearly all the time. Currently camped out in Wesley’s trailer. He’s been much quieter since his scouting mission prior to the lighthouse.

Tall Tom Thomas: Lumberjack changeling who traded with the village and supplied them the map they’re using. Suggested they get help from John Luther Jones. Had something to do with the Stephanie/Leon subplot.

John Luther and Phillip Jones: Train loving changeling and the fetch he came to terms with. May or may not be only relevant to the Stephanie/Leon subplot.

Matthew Odiorn: Ghoul Inquisitor of Lancea Sanctum currently working for Belials Brood.

Jared Green, Reba Blue, Saul Green, and Trevor Yellow: Norrins relatives. Living as brains in tanks at the Farm with Leon.

Mr. Teau A supernatural who is running Altoona. Hostile to uninvited visitors that use magic on his guards.

Small appearance NPCs:

Blake Sands: Winter court changeling advised to be careful about dealing with summer court. Gave the party a rose if they wanted to trade for help.

Remy Wurling: Beast blooded shaman that helped the party through Coyote territory.

Leo Fattore: Mayor of Amherst, at least before Terri burned it down.

Jamal Riley: Most resilient resident survivor of the attack on Binghamton Station.

King of the Road: A spirit which seems to be inhabiting some or all of the crumbling highways. Gave Elijah an easy deal on providing information about captured Free Riders because they are friendly to it and it thought Elijah might help.

Murray, Moe, and Friends: Repairmen working on the DeGrosso Amusement park.

Field Guide to NPCs

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