This setting follows the standard New World of Darkness mythology except:

  • All souls go to the underworld or reincarnate in a child’s body before it gains significant intelligence.
  • Vampires and Prometheans have souls. Those souls are destroyed with the body rather than released.
  • Atlantis never existed. There was a mountain that formed a focal point for magic called the Spire that drew mages to it where they formed a city before the civil wars and schism formed the Fallen World.
  • A few differences in the Werewolf creation of pure breeds and related history that are lost knowledge

More recently:

It’s now 2037. In 1999 a vast majority of the world’s population disappeared. This led to massive societal collapse. The political crises led to limited nuclear war.Almost half of the remaining people died.of starvation, warfare, or illness.

Supernaturals did not disappear. Vampires, mages, were-creatures, faerie folk, and other magical creatures weren’t affected.

Vampire society was the most effective in regaining control of society, in that they managed to form several cities. This was initially done forcibly, with Night Gang raids. Raids continue against remote settlements and lone travelers by hunting packs within and near the borders of their base cities’ territories. However, depending on the city, it might be considered reasonable to immigrate if your settlement outside vampire territory is struggling; generally not to the same cities employing raiders. Vampires are still a secret, though often strongly suspected. The city lords get called Fangs.

Significant technology was lost. It takes a lot of different pieces of knowledge and infrastructure to build computers and advanced power plants. Technological knowledge was also hoarded by vampires, destroyed by Burners, and possibly even subverted by other forces. Even so, Free Riders manage to maintain trucks and a few places have managed to create basic power. Assuming nothing else smashes things up, eventually people are going to be able to recreate the lost technology.

The village the players started in was in a territorial buffer zone between vampire factions. They had been safe there. In the years after the collapse they’ve had to deal with the odd bandit and even small groups of criminals, but for the most part, nothing they couldn’t handle. The entire area was generally free of raiders and slavers. They heard about the problems in the larger world from traders and immigrants, but it wasn’t their problem and were content to live their lives mostly peacefully.

The campaign began with that peace ending as the buffer zone ceased to be respected and the vampire clans went for power grabs. These tended to be along the lines of establishing tributaries rather than raiding populations for their main cities.


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